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MARCH 26, 2022 @ 8PM

Producers: Elizabeth Yilmaz and Mara Driscoll

Associate Producer: César Abreu

Lighting: Joe Doran and Joe Petrowski
Sound Design: Nik Zanter and Gregory Gabb
Projection Design: Taylor Edelle Stuart
Scene Advisor: Anna Driftmier
Sound and Lighting Supplier and Advisor: Joel Fitzpatrick
Stage Manager: Dwayne Brown
DJ: Mike DeMaio


PART 1: Cocktail Hour

Bar curated by The Simone restaurant

Johnny Rosza

Live photography

PART 2: The Front Gallery

Aureole Trio

Viola: Mary Hammann
Flute: Laura Gilbert
Harp: Stacey Shames 

Sonata in F Major for Flute, Viola, and Harp

Claude Debussy (1862-1928)

Pastorale: Lento, dolce rubato

Interlude: Tempo dI menuetto

Finale: Allegro moderator ma risoluto

Cara Seymour with Jaiseok Kang a.k.a. Jason River

From Memory of the Smash

-- pause --

PART 3: The Sunken Garden

Valerie June

-- pause --

PART 4: The Clearlight Room

Michael Francis McBride, Nicholas Korkos, and Samuel Lee Roberts with Rodney Bush



Forgotton Song

Tobin del Cuore: Director/Editor/Producer
Tyler Gilstrap: Choreographer/Producer
Samuel Lee Roberts: Dancer/Producer

with Berta Moreno and Andrés Fonseca 

No Hay Na'

Échale Sal

No me Apaga Nadie

Music credits: Produced by Sinuhé Padilla Isunza
Names of composers in piece(s) performed: Alea Jiménez and Sinuhé Padilla Isunza


Elisa Toro Franky
No Hay Na'


Evolución Latina

Fabia Ribeiro and Christopher Cabal
Choreography: José Serrano

No me Apaga Nadie

-- after party --

'The Green Hill' from 'Memory of the Smash': Jaiseok Kang a.k.a. Jason River​Photographs in the Front Gallery: Jaiseok Kang a.k.a. Jason River​
Drawings in the Sunken Garden: Valerie June
Photographs in the Anteroom: Johnny Rosza



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