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Art Bath offers fertile ground for forward-thinking artistic creation and experimentation.


Art Bath is an immersive performance salon series held at the Blue Building on E. 46th St. We host a diverse spectrum of artists – musicians, painters, dancers, circus artists, photographers, opera singers, poets, and more. Beyond the spotlight of major stages, Art Bath offers recognized artists a place to explore the boundaries of their practice and connect with fellow artists and audiences in a raw and intimate setting. Art Bath's events give performers and audience members the opportunity to socialize, connect, and foster new conversations and relationships.



Michael Dupler

Mayor of the Blue Building


Anna Driftmier

Scenic Advisor


Colin Kirkland

Bar Manager


Gilly Caulo

Production Manager


Marcela Avelar

Visual Arts Consultant

image0 2.JPEG

Emma Wilton

Social Media Manager


Dwayne Brown

Stage Manager


Bobby Mittelstadt

Finance Manager


Evelyn Johnson

Volunteer Coordinator 


Joe Petrowski

Lighting Designer

Joe Profile.jpeg

Joe Endozo

Sound Designer



Marcela Avelar

Ben Bliss 

Dwayne Brown

Jacqueline Davis

Michael Dupler

Joel Fitzpatrick

Julia Glawe

Steven Moy

Jenna Liberati Sherman

Sugary (Gary Su)

Bryan Wagorn

*The creators of Art Bath are driven to create an anti-racist and inclusive space. We strive to cultivate an environment where all artists and audience members feel at home, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender expression. We embrace voices that represent a broad spectrum of identities and cultural traditions and that defy historic hegemonies in art and performance.

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